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Is your student going to be absent?  Call this number.

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Harassment & Bullying Help

What is Bullying?

A person is bullied when he or she is exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more other persons, and he or she has difficulty defending himself ...more


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American Canyon Middle School


"Inspiring and preparing students today for the possibilities of tomorrow"


Welcome to American Canyon Middle School, home of the mighty Wildcats.  Your child’s education is very important to us.  If you discover any obstacle to your child’s ability to learn, whether it is a potential learning disability, disruptive behavior by your child or others, or your child is being bullied at school – please contact us right away.  We want to quickly intervene so your child can continue to prepare him or herself for a bright future.  Our contact information is listed on the Contact Us page.  We want your child and you to have a wonderful time here at ACMS.



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Advice to 6th grade students from 8th grade students.



8th grade students were asked to write three tips for how to act and what to do as sixth graders.


 - How to be successful in school:


Our tip is work for it, put your mind to it, believe in yourself, have motivation, know you can do great, do homework, learn, turn in work in time and listen and study hard.


 - How to stay out of trouble:


Our tip is be safe, don’t give in (to) peer pressure, follow what you believe, be responsible, be respectful, respect others, never talk back to an adult, be on time, follow the school rules and stay in your lane.


 - How to get along with others:


Our tip is surround yourself with positive people, be kind, be nice, be good, stay out of drama.


School Accountability Report Card

This state required annual report provides information on student achievement, environment, resources & demographics.

Current report (2014/15) released January 2016.

English / Spanish

More about SARC

Students contemplate what has been done in support of civil rights...through art.

The mural was designed by four students who were in eighth grade two years ago: Desiree Ernst, Alex Gonzalez, Tim Fish and Mya Carter.

The mural features six iconic figures from the past and the present 

From the annals of the Civil Rights Movement, there are images of Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks and Cesar Chavez.

From the struggle to overcome apartheid in South Africa, there is Nelson Mandela.

From the tragedy of the Holocaust, there is Anne Frank.

And from today’s effort to educate women in the Muslim world, there is Malala Yousafzai, the 17-year-old Pakistani who last year became the youngest recipient ever of the Nobel Peace Prize.

In addition to artistic renderings of these famous individuals, the mural features a quote from Parks: “I would like to be remembered as a person who wanted to be free … so other people would also be free.”

Our Students

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Scholarshare College Savings Plan

Winning Additional Funding is a GOOD thing!

NVUSD parents,

Your student may qualify to receive healthy meals free or at a reduced price. Even if you think your family may not qualify, PLEASE COMPLETE THE APPLICATION - YOUR SCHOOL COULD WIN ADDITIONAL FUNDING FOR EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS!

How to do it:

1) You may still have the paper application that was sent home in your student's Back to School packet. If so, please complete it and turn it in to your school office. One form works for all your NVUSD students.

2) If you don't have the application, you can either ask for one at your school office or download and print one here. Again, complete it and turn it in to your school office.

3) If you'd like to complete the application online, click here

Call Food Service at (707) 253-3541 with any questions. 

    ACMS is a Gold Ribbon School!



                 ACMS wins Gold Ribbon Honors

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You can also see this on the Parents/Students Tab on our homepage.

Nondiscrimination, Harassment & Bullying

Girls with Grace, Boys with Heart

Our Girls with Grace/Boys with Heart Program exists to support students in positively resolve their conflicts.

Part time support nurses needed for NVUSD schools.

Part time support nurses needed for NVUSD schools.
If you are an LVN or RN, and would like more information, please call the Health staff administrative assistant, Kathy, at 707-253-3526, and leave your name and a contact number.  
One of the school nurses will call you, to discuss details and answer questions.

ACMS Robotics students Win Big!

Here is the link to the article about ACMS Robotics in the Times Herald!

Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

Each year, thanks to recommendations from educators, tens of thousands of students from around the world learn more about their academic abilities through the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth's Talent Search.  Johns Hopkins is now accepting Talent Search applications year-round.  

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A Comprehensive Plan for Student Success

A Comprehensive Plan for Student Success

Knowing that public schools must change to prepare students for the challenges of the future, California has developed a comprehensive plan for high-quality ...more

NVUSD goes Green with e-flyers!

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Education Matters

Welcome to our monthly column published in the Napa Register! The fourth Tuesday of each month we'll discuss a topic of interest to students, parents and the greater community.


Below is the NVUSD link for this month's “Education Matters” column in the Napa Valley Register.  


Click here to read the column

Extended Day Academic Support Classes

Students and Parents/Guardians: No enrollment or registration required unless otherwise noted.

Students can just show up for any class.

(Note: Students attending extended day classes who take the ...more

Healthy 4 Life Tip!

Milk! Why is drinking milk so important for children?

Leche ¿Por qué es tan importante que los niños tomen leche?

Nuevas Directrices Dietéticas para los Estadounidenses

New Dietary Guidelines for ...more

Annual Parent Notification Letter

Dear Parents/Guardians

Please note the following update regarding Uniform Complaint Procedures located on pp.14-15 of the Annual Parent Notice 2015-16 recently sent home to all families.

Click to read full text here.